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03-21-2012 § 2 Comments

Daily Bread

Last year, I put up my ten favorite hip hop albums of 2011 which was topped off by this album (Bandcamp). It’s truly incredible & I’m becoming more and more a fan of Apollo’s production and Mello Music Group (the real MMG) in general (see; Oddisee & Diamond District, Has-Lo etc). If you’ll give me three tracks, I’ll turn you onto this album as well. You may call this a cheat, since I’m just posting MMG’s bandcamp page – but I feel strongly about this album. You can also check out The Left which is Apollo Brown on the boards, DJ Soko & Journalist 103 rhyming – one of 2010’s best records in Gas Mask (iTunes) or (Spotify). Coming in April, Trophies (pre-order on iTunes) pairs Apollo with OC from DITC crew – should be an amazing album.

My favorite tracks are “Dollar Bill Hill” (track 4), “Megaphone” (track 12), the “Trenches remix” (Track 16) is my favorite track on the album, & “Elephants” (track 5) / “Weak Won’t Do” (track 7) / “Like A Diamond” (track 15) are super dope too. I find this entire album bumps, and it stays in rotation for me – Apollo’s sampling is key to it’s success but Hasaan Mackey adds the perfect lyrical / street balance to the dark instrumentals to take it over the top.

Refine life’s lines as my opus
self approved certified dopeness
aint like I know it because I sat down and wrote it
But I sure as hell know it aint bullshit!” – from Elephants

None of em good,
they all garbage all of em novice
should invest in vests
They’re the best as targets
this hot shit will hit em
then collide in they conscience,
for talking out the side of they conscience,
coinciding Hassaan’s sick
It’s something wrong with me I’m on shit
Beyond them old secular songs and subliminal shit
that the rest of them on” – from Weak Won’t Do

There is an amazing bonus track, called “Night Time” that MMG pulled from the album (it was put up after I had bought it, and is missing now from their bandcamp page), which you can check out free of charge at DJBooth.


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