Eazy E Tribute Mix (stream)

03-26-2012 § Leave a comment

"...girls on the tip, fellas too it seemed ..."

17 years have passed since the Hip Hop culture lost Eric “Eazy E” Wright (September 7th 1963 – March 26 1995), and I thought it appropriate to post just this one link today.

I’m pretty nostalgic in terms of paying homage to fallen microphone wreckers and Eazy E was a pioneer certainly, for the gangsta rap that permeated the early 90’s sound and continues today.

This is a DJ Mister Cee tribute mix, from his radio show on Hot97 – forgive the interruptions but it *IS* radio, and they are minor.

Stream Link

This is for the radio so I better chill
they won’t play it if I co get ill
but I’m like that and thats an actually fact
because the street is where my heart is at” – from “Radio”

Because I’m a gangsta having fun
Never leave the pad without packing a gun
Hitting hard as fuck, I make you ask what was it
Boy you should have known by now, Eazy duz it” – from “Eazy Duz It”


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