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03-28-2012 § 2 Comments

I was listening in the car to an album, Yellow Gold the other day – and it reminded me how slept on the majority of *dope* underground artists still are. The internet forum allows promotion and distribution freedom, but if you never HEAR the music you wouldn’t know what you’d been missing – which is one reason I love reading end-of-the-year lists from Hip Hop blogs; rediscovering projects and artists I allowed to slip through the cracks, and new ones I just altogether missed.

I let y’all come close, only to touch the hem of my garment,
and by faith may be healed
from all of that ignorance you lost in” – from Valley of the Kings

Nickelus F. is an artist from Northern VA i’ve been following for a few years, and waiting on him to put something (anything!) on iTunes I could actually buy and support – a few months ago he dropped his “Faces” Mixtape, which showed up on iTunes rather unexpectedly more recently & is absolutely worth $9.99.

"...I'm feeling like Yeezy on these 808's, minus the heartbreak"

His recent projects, like Yellow Gold & Season Premiere HD for instance were both “mixtapes” in the sense they are free releases for promotion, but are albums in the sense they deserve to be paid for and bumped on repeat – original production, and Nickelus’ skillful lyricism on display throughout everything I’ve heard him bless since 2009’s “Go Time”.

Love what you looking at, blow kisses up to me I’ll send ’em back
You ain’t gotta tell me, shit I already know
you’re either a 1 or a 0, binary code” – from Celestrial

Here are a few recent videos, one off the new(est) project – if you enjoy the free material make sure and get the album from iTunes.

*BONUS* a collection of freestyles Nickelus released prior to the most recent album, called 7 Days can be had in colection form, some of his best individual tracks IMO like “Love Me” or “Leave It All Behind” for instance that are not on other projects.

You got racks on racks on racks
I got kids on kids on kids,
which means plates on plates on plates,
which mean something gotta give,
we need some grub around this motherfucker,
I spill my heart but get no love around this motherfucker?” – from Love Me

hydro-planing, weed ain’t gay but my hydro flaming” – from Sin

Damn the devil, and the circumstantial shit that he causes,
or am I giving him to much credit for all my flaws?
It just seems, I’m stuck in the treadmill section,
when I should be out on the track breaking / setting records” – from Leave It All Behind


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  • […] Nickelus F, who has seemed to change identities into “Sweet Petey” as well as changing to a blunt-thrashed voice over the years has always put out great music be it mixtapes, or individual tracks to the masses. I’ve done one or two posts over the last year regarding his recent studio album “Faces” available on Faces, and some other projects spin-worthy. Check that post out here. […]

  • […] Next, The always-reliable Nickelus F (or Sweet Petey, if he’s still going by that alias?) drops his #PTPT project. Featuring familiar production from both Michael Millions and Ohbliv, plus a few tracks done by the artist himself. He churns out music pretty quickly, already dropping ‘Vices‘ earlier this year and even joking (I guess?) on Twitter today about dropping another tape in the aftermath of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse getting everyone talking. There is a small wait at Live Mixtapes to download the tape, but it is free. Stream a few tracks below, and check out my other posts on Nickelus F. […]

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