Sample-isms :: Ghostface vs REKS :: “Purified Thoughts” vs “This or That”

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"Am I A Good Man? Am I A Fool?"

Occasionally you’ll come across a track with the same beat, or sample as another track – it happens. I know KN has done their own threads on the subject, Who Flipped It Better? and Who Spit It Better? Here is my initial attempt featuring two about-equally-dope tracks from 2010.

OG Them Two – “Am I A Good Man


Ghostface Killah featuring Killah Priest & Gza “Prufied Thoughts” produced by Frank Dukes

Take my hands out my pockets you can see my thumbs
Both of them turned green from counting the ones
Memorized by the glory, word life” – Ghostface Killah

I devised my own stimulus, plan I’m niggarish
I’m tired of eatin those crumbs and black licorice
The frame of minds on fridays like cleansin’ the mic
Let the imam pray over my head and wash” – Ghostface Killah

The chosen has spoken, tablets were broken
The smoke hand grabs an omen
Gravity grabbin me gradually draggin me through hell’s cavity
This is blasphemy, I fell where the jackals be
God felt bad for me but cast me into Caspain Sea
Satan draggin his key, Wu-Family’s the faculty” – Killah Priest

Fast to put the rap on thinking cap, ignite your hair gel
No such thing as a fair sale
He’ll put the bullet out same day, delivery airmail
And on this level a thug’ll sell you garbage
No refund, the only exchange from the cartridge” – Gza

I know that’s alot to take in, three amazing MCs tackling this ill flip of the sample from Frank Dukes – he produced another banger on Ghostface’s Apollo Kids album called “In The Park” about the evolutions of Hip Hop, featuring none other than Black Thought. Ghost’s album came out in late 2010, and was one of the best that year – with this track easily being a standout among standouts albeit not a single. The subject matter ranges from Wack MCs, to God, to feeding the hungry and everything in between.


REKS “This or That” produced by Statik Selektah

You are now in tuned to the facts, the innovations in a state of lax
My click clack tongie attack tracks
Like Rihanna spreads gonorrhea

Give me freedom of speech to speak ether
That’ll send these MC’s to meet Aaliyah

Over Statik Seleck beats I’m too deep to be dumb to fact
I come from the tracks where they slumber and slackin
Reks suggest you shut your motherfuckin trap
Cause you don’t rap you advertisin
Clothin lines and since when is that dope rhymin?
You screamin no homo, but that’s so homo
Such a no no please swallow the fo’ fo’
Someone tell Kanye West to keep his clothes on
And if Wayne E.T. ish than tell him phone home

REKS wrecks this track, quite proper. Two verses, no break for a hook and the sample plays throughout. The main subject matter is going at wack MCs, which is always fun. I heard this track first as it came out on REKS 2010 mixtape called “In Between The Lines [v.2],” (obviously there is a v.1 as well) and was one of many reasons I had REKS resulting Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme album on my top-ten of 2011 (add in production he destroys from Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Nottz, Hi-Tek etc).


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