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So when my time remains I won’t wait like a time delay …

These guys are dope – definitely on my list to listen to more of. A smooth track that Pandora keeps in rotation for me.


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Pretty dope track Pandora just played, about roots in true hip hop and a promise to not sell out. Pretty interesting.

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My daughter found Nemo, I found the new Preemo / Ye, you know how we do, we do it for the people.

Common is too dope, to me – always consistent and his workings with Kanye never disappoint. Forgot that one album he did & he’s one of the greatest ever.

…standing in front of the judge with no honor, my raps ignite the people like Obama …

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Guru makes a guest appearance on Dilated Peoples’ Expansion Team single – I had this album when it and out off the strength of this track.

…setup shop and write a verse, actually that’s best come to best / my lyrics take care of me, therapy, get shit off my chest…

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Might Mos Def spits some knowledge over a track counter-acting Notorious BIG’s question; What’s Beef?

“When a soldier ends his life, with his own gun / beef is trying to decide what to tell his son …”

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Love when Pandora opens my eyes to new artists – these guys are from Chicago as far as I could tell from this track & I’ll be looking into them more soon. Very dope, lyrical, smooth hip hop.

Now Playing :: Damian Marley :: Road to Zion

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Call it a prelude to their super dope collaboration album “Distant Relatives” in 2010 – this track with Nas, and Damian’s whole Jamrock disc knocks.

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