Makaveli The 7 Day Theory :: Day Two :: Me Against The World

06-11-2012 § 1 Comment

“…Politicians, and hypocrites / they don’t wanna listen”

This is my all-time favorite Tupac album, so it gets it’s own post in this series.

I love this album, because to me it represents the culmination of his early years – before the drama with Death Row, before the media’s “Eastcoast / Westcoast” rivalry that didn’t exist, before every third line in his music became about cash and getting paid. The music had to change at some point for about every artist out there, and to me this album is before that point came.

If you have not heard this album, my hope is to influence you to do just that. If you have, and love it presumably – maybe you’ll just enjoy it all over again? Send this post to a friend, a younger person especially who may not know much about they call “old school” hip hop, that you and I know as simply “the nineties.” The genre is ever evolving, and that’s a great thing – but there will never be another quite like Tupac – and this, to me is his finest collective work.

When I was in high school, I had a youth group adult talk to me about listening to hip hop music in a negative light. We agreed to try each other’s music out and see how it went – I gave him a disc I had made of all Tupac tracks, and he swapped me for a christian hip hop collective disc. Most the tracks were from this album, and his reaction was amazing. He had really only heard the Tupac we see on TV, and it was amazing going over some of his points written down as he listened to these tracks. Though it’s negative subject matter, it’s commentary on the struggles we go through on a daily basis. Few artists can really articulate these things the way Tupac could, and to me that’s what made him so special.

1. It Ain’t Easy (easily one of my favorite, smooth tracks)

everywhere it’s the same thang, that’s the game
I’ll be damned if a thang changed, fuck the fame
I’ll be hustling to make a mill-ion, lord knows
Ain’t no love for us ghetto children,

2. Fuck The World (A nice collaboration with Digital Underground on the track, another one of those “career defining” songs)

When I was coming up rough, that wasn’t even what you called it / that’s why I smoke blunts now and run with alcoholics …

3. Me Against The World (featuring Dramacydal)

Maybe he’ll listen in his casket — the aftermath
More bodies being buried — I’m losing my homies in a hurry
They’re relocating to the cemetary

4. Lord Knows

I wonder if the Lord will forgive me or bury me a G?
I couldn’t let my adversaries worry me
and every single day it’s a test, wear a bulletproof vest
and still a nigga stressin over death

5. Outlaw

Before I close my eyes I fantasize I’m livin well
when I awake and realize I’m just a prisoner in hell

6. So Many Tears

Back in elementary, I thrived on misery
Left me alone I grew up amongst a dyin breed
Inside my mind couldn’t find a place to rest
until I got that Thug Life tatted on my chest

7. Heavy In The Game (featuring Richie Rich)

No time for askin why, gettin high, gettin mine
Put away my nine, cause these times call for four-five shells
cause life is hell and everybody dies
What about these niggaz I despise — them loud talkin cowards
shootin guns into crowds, jeapordizin lives
Shoot em right between them niggaz eyes, it’s time to realize
follow the rules or follow them fools that die
Everybody’s tryin to make the news, niggaz confused
Quit tryin to be an O.G. and pay your dues
If you choose to apply yourself, go with the grain
and come the riches and the bitches and the fame


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