Makaveli The 7 Day Theory :: Day Four :: Posthumous Releases

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“Keep yo’ head up and try to keep the faith / And pray for better days”

As big a fan I am of Tupac, it’s disgusting how his legacy has been messed with by record labels and execs, and even his own family to make money. Vocals are changed, artists he would’ve never worked with or dissed in tracks are featured, and super-producers Tupac probably would’ve never worked with are remixing original beats into club-pop songs. I still hope one day, they release mastered original versions of the reimagined tracks we’ve been presented with since 1996.

1. God Bless The Dead (featuring Stretch) This is possibly the weakest “new” track released on Tupac’s Greatest Hits compilation, but received much of the airplay due to “Biggie Smalls” being mentioned as dead – which yeah, is eerie as you probably realize Tupac, Stretch and Notorious B.I.G. were all gone at this point – except it’s a totally different person being talked about in the track, which is a tribute not a dis aimed at Christopher Wallace. Put it down as one example of sensationalism to sell more records.

I know you representin the crew
And I can picture you in Heaven with a blunt and a brew
Fuck the world, pain was a part of the game
If you a baller, money went as quick as it came
My role models – gone or they locked in the pen
Straight hustlers,

2. Late Night (featuring The Outlawz & DJ Quik) I struggled with which version to post, there is an [OG] version featuring a sub-par verse from AMG & a decent one from DJ Quik but this one sounds better to me. From the album “Better Dayz.” I always enjoyed this track, to me it is a highlight of the record because Tupac sounds like he’s enjoying himself so much here, and The Outlawz make an appearance too.

The life of a California star, and when you see me
in the drop-top Jag’, how many niggaz wanna be me?
Game is automatic, manditory I sell
to live and die, I survive, but with a story to tell

3. They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us (featuring The Outlawz) The lyrics kind of flow along the lines of his interviews given about THUGLIFE, and how it’s become what he represents.

I’m seeing it clearer
Hatin’ the picture in the mirror
They claim we inferior
So why the fuck these devils fear ya?
I’m watching my nation die
Genocide the cause
Expect a bloodbath
The aftermath is y’alls
I told you last album
We need help cause we dying
Give us a chance
Help us advance, cause we trying
Ignored my whole plea
Watching us in disgust
Then they dead when my guns bust
They don’t give a fuck about us

4. Resist The Temptation (released on “Best of 2Pac: Thug” disc) I actually don’t know much about this track, but I was crazy excited to hear three unheard & introspective verses after so long. It’s amazing the difference between this version, and the original – you can really tell this is an EARLY recording in the OG version.

Poppa’s doing worse, a victim of his deadly curse
Wouldn’t be the first, to leave the ghetto in a hearse
Oh and how it hurts, the children pay the biggest price
Never get the chance, to grow up with a happy life
Blame it on the rock, but we know that’s a bunch of crap
Someone from the top, supplying us with plenty crack
Keep ’em in a daze, don’t let them see the other way
Let ’em all get paid, won’t live to see another day
See they never got a breath of the sunshine
Now the kid’s addicted and only hit it one time
We’re destined to be dead as a nation
Don’t let it come to this, resist the temptation

5. Hell 4 A Hustler (featuring The Outlawz) One of my all-time favorite tracks, and another example of my thinking the retail version is better than the original. The beat, and Outlawz verses are on another level compared to the original track. I do think the ad-lib introduction explaining the track could’ve been left however, as it adds a different level of understanding to the point. Both versions included below;

No baby momma drama, nigga miss me, why plant seeds
in a dirty bitch, waitin to trick me, not the life for me
Livin carefree, til I’m buried – and if they dare me
I’m bustin on niggaz until they scurry, I’m clearly
a man of military means, and my artillery
Watchin over me through every murder scene

6. Everything They Owe. A powerful song about both taking what is yours, and being a victim of the system at the same time. The introduction features Tupac asking himself what he would say if he could talk to a slave coming to America, surviving despite the obvious obstacles. I can only imagine the response this song would’ve had if it hadn’t been buried in a posthumous compilation, and instead had come out while Tupac was alive.

Supreme ideology, you claim to hold
Claimin that we all drug dealers with empty souls
That used to tempt me to roll, commit to violence
In the midst of an act of war, witnesses left silent
Shatter, black talon style, thoughts I throw
It remains in your brain then of course it grows

7. Friendz (originally released on Death Row’s “2 Gangsta 4 Radio” compilation with listed production from Quincy Jones, and rereleased as a remix on “Until The End of Time” as “Fuck Friendz”) I loved this track, although it’s all over the place in terms of content. Similar to “Toss It Up,” it’s mostly directed to the bedroom but of course has dis material sprinkled in. That song though, wasn’t originally for Tupac and I don’t imagine he recorded both verses at the same time to all make the final version – this track features the disses right in between lines.

who the man?
While I’m tuggin on your main bitch hand (westside!)
Understand this, ain’t no nigga like me
Fuck Jay-z, he broke and I smoke daily
Baby let’s be friends

Was it me or the fame?
My dick or the game?
Bet I scream ‘westside’ when I came (westside!)


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