Makaveli The 7 Day Theory :: Day Five :: Collaborations w/ Snoop Doggy Dogg

06-14-2012 § 1 Comment

“… in the same muthafuckin’ place, at the same muthafuckin’ time …”

Of all the possible collaborations I thought about doing a day on, Snoop is the most prolific. Tupac did many tracks with artists like Scarface (more on him later!), Richie Rich (lots of dope collaborations there!), The Outlawz and The Live Squad – but I felt Snoop was a better choice, and I didn’t know until more recently they had worked together so much as we had minimal releases containing them both. There is a rumored album Snoop may have in his vault of the two artists’ material, and who knows if that will be unearthed to the public someday. One can only hope!

1. Wanted Dead Or Alive (from the Gridlock’d Soundtrack) A great follow-up to “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” on Tupac’s Death Row debut, although it’s not of the same caliber it does follow the same verse style and storyline. The track is actually short, as over a minute at the end is instrumental and hook, and Snoop pays homage to his fallen homie during that time as well.

Two of the livest wanted dead or alive
we riders inventers because we ain’t quiet and watch the G’s ride
Two of Amerikkkaz Most, straight out the West Coast
Bow down fool, this is Death Row
Been waitin way too long, fresh out the pen, now it’s on

2. Out The Moon [Boom, Boom, Boom] (also featuring Soopafly, Techniec, Trey Dee) (from the “Gridlock’d” Soundtrack) The other track on this soundtrack with both 2Pac and Snoop, mostly a loose verse from Tupac that gets cut off for some reason, and Snoop is on the hook. This one feels forced, although it could’ve been because Snoop had already began to distance himself from the label at this point and maybe was a cutting room piece-together?

My history living G like
Enemies that wanna see me
what it be like?
Picture me practicing perfection
Now hit the deck
Playa haters gettin’ chin checked

3. Street Life [Unreleased] Slated for a Snoop album that never came out, this is one of the very first tracks I downloaded on Napster (with 56k! That’s patience) many years ago – and it’s a great one despite the large build up. Almost half the song features neither star emcee rapping.

How many niggaz wanna see me gone?
You playa haters is bitches who hate to see a nigga hold his own
Forever ballin and never fallin’
Live my life as a thug, now can you hear the liquor callin

4. If There’s A Cure [I Don’t Want It] An awesome collaboration, it’s purely a freestyle feel here. I bet a lot of weed & Hennessy were consumed the night this was recorded.

what’s up baby
you looking crazy like you don’t really know me
I know you heard the album
‘I Ain’t Mad at Cha’
so move closer
big baby let me stab at cha
you know the rules
big Pac in this motherfucker

5. Just Watchin’ (also featuring Tha Dogg Pound) [unreleased] This is a great track, and it’s nice to hear all four emcees on the hook.

To me it’s hard to tell what you really want,
Quit actin’ mean to me you teasin’ me the way you flaunt
But you ain’t hearin’ me sincerely, I’m so attracted,
Pictures of target practice, makin’ love on my mattress.
Visions getting’ graphic.
So realistic you can grab it, its a proven fact,
Baby gotta have it my love makin’ quiet magic,
Trix are for kids
Bunny rabbit, let a man have it.
bet you be satisfied if you try it my a habit.
High performance hard to handle,
naked in the bubble bath while I’m burnin’ candles.
secks me like a slow song,
If fuckin’ you is bad baby, then I’m so wrong.
my feelins so strong.
I keep starin’ like you can’t see me,
I never planned a scam, my thoughts ran freely.
There’s no need to be paranoid,
Ain’t nothin poppin’ I ain’t worried bout your man baby girl,
Cause I’m just watchin’. (watching)

6. The New Untouchables (also featuring LBC Crew & The Outlawz) [Unreleased] A newer leaked track, and different versions exist featuring either LBC Crew or The Outlawz, but Snoop is in both versions.

Lyrics raise drug dealers, turn ’em into motherfuckin’ thug niggaz

7. Life So Hard (from the “Gang Related” Soundtrack & covered by Snoop seperately) This one seems like I’m cheating as Tupac and Snoop don’t both actually rap on the same version of the song, but Snoop is ad-libbing the background and eventually put out a cover version as a tribute – it still felt more right putting this track up instead of “All About U” where Snoop just does the outro. Daz creates a magnificent G-Funk meets Thug Life beat, and Pac rips it apart through four verses.

Yeah, constantly runnin from danger ain’t no stranger to cop cars
Gettin arrested and tested wearin a vest and don’t drop my guards
My life is hectic my homies send mail from jail
Niggaz in Hell got some horrible stories to tell


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