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“Outlaw Ridahz, untouchable mob of pistol packers”

I get to cheat a bit here, as one of the best features Tupac has been a part of already has it’s own post on my site, check out my post on “Mind Made Up” (featuring Kurupt, Daz, Method Man, Redman & Inspectah Deck).

There was conflict, I actually couldn’t decide between two tracks – but I realized at the last minute one was actually unreleased! I’ve just had it so long I figured it was out there. Saving that one for a future (in the works) post I’ll put up sometime in … September, seems appropriate.

Also, note that while none of the Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac tracks were officially released, I will not be including them OR any collaborations between Tupac and The Outlawz specifically, because face it – who could actually pick if you included those tracks? Not me.

1. Smile (with Scarface) Released in 1997 on Scarface’s “The Untouchable” album, this is a great collaboration between two legends. Sadly, the Billboard Hot 100 had this track as *high* as number 12. It was also released as an equally dope alternate version on “Death Row’s Greatest Hits” with a different beat.

Sellin my soul for material wishes, fast cars and bitches
Wishin I lived my life a legend, immortalized in pictures
Why shed tears, save your sympathy
My childhood years were spent bury’n my peers in the cemetary
Here’s a message to the newborns, waitin to breathe
If you believe, then you can achieve, just look at me

2. Thug Luv (with Bone Thugs N Harmony) Tupac joins Cleveland’s sons over a shotgun blast riddled beat from DJ U-Neek, on their “Art of War” album – released in 1997.

Until they stop me bury murder me or drop me
I got Thug Luv for my nationwide posse feel me

3. Homies N Thuggs (with Scarface & also featuring Master P) Scarface makes the list again, and I’m not at all upset about it. This track came out a year after the previous, in 1998 – but features a video including Tupac laying his verse. Again, there are two versions of the track and both are on the Scarface album “My Homies.”

Until the day I die
you catch a nigga high off weed, the police can’t find me
My shit will drop and I’ll sell five million
while all the niggas enter the game get caught up in drug dealing
How can I fall?
how can I ball, how can I catch my enemies and murder them all?

4. Initiated aka Thug Pound (with Daz Dillinger also featuring Kurupt & The Outlawz) Can’t imagine a more appropriate version of a posse track, than this one. The Outlawz meet Tha Dogg Pound, released in 1998 on Daz album “Revenge, Retaliation & Getback.” Daz left Death Row after this release, and almost completely signaled the end of the G-Funk era.

Picture a felon in ya presence
takin’ bustas back to the Essence
tellin’ my people peep my lethal message
visions of me gettin’ money got me in mash mode
murderous motives for niggas stoppin’ my cash flow

5. Military Mindz (with Buckshot, also featuring Cocoa Brovaz) I actually appreciate both versions of this track, but seeing how most people have probably heard the released version on “Better Dayz,” I’ve decided to include the [OG] version here. Tupac worked with Boot Camp Clik on almost an album worth of material that most never expected to see the light of day.

May God forgive us though we dwell inside a paradox
Thugged out and drug dealin, from the womb to the block
My live mind got me survivin five rounds
My forty-five got my fortified with live rounds
When shit’s thick we plot hits, when my glock spits
All hail, I don’t bail, wrath of 2Pacalypse

6. 4 Tha Hustlaz (with Too $hort & MC Breed) Tupac actually managed two tracks with Too $hort, and another four by my count with MC Breed (Gotta Get Mine was my other finalist for this spot) – this track was on the album “Big Thangs” from producer Ant Banks in 1997. A lot of star power, for tracks most fans probably haven’t heard.

Believe me
coming stapped with the gat when you see me
Label me a threat to society, but I ain’t quitin’
Thug life motherfucker ain’t no bull shittin

7. Niggaz Done Changed (with Richie Rich) I couldn’t have made this list without including at least one track with Bay Area rapper Richie Rich. Everything he and Tupac worked together on came out so smooth, and they are some of my favorite collaborations ever. This track was on Rich’s 1997 album, “Seasoned Veteran.”

I’ve been shot and murdered,
cant tell you how it happened word for word,
but best believe that niggaz gonna get what they deserve,
in the same way God bless my brain cause game pays
gettin cash and ass for dayz now niggaz done changed


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