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“50 Cent, Shady, Aftermath … The Dream Team”

When 50 Cent, and G-Unit came into the rap game on a wave of dis records, mixtapes and controversy – it was unlike any emergence I’ve ever seen. The quality (and quantity) of music coming out of their camp was amazing, and landed 50 a lucrative deal with interscope on Shady / Aftermath.

I remember buying countless DJ Whoo Kid mixtapes, like the G-Unit Radio series landing all the new exclusives and previews – this was before you could click a link online and find everything you ever wanted – much worse was the tags & drops in the music. I had Satellite Radio at one point early in it’s inception, SIRIUS had G-Unit Saturdays eventually but before all that; mixtapes were king. You could visit a website and buy promotional tapes, a loophole around copyright laws where the tape was “free” with purchase of a website sticker for $5 or more.

This is a compilation, kind of a overview if you will from DJ Smallz (from Southern Smoke fame), spanning four discs ultimately of everything prior to the debut album in early 2003, including on the last disc his inaugural “Power of the Dollar” street tape. There are a few interludes lending a historical context to certain songs, or moments in his early career – but mostly it’s a collection of the hottest G-Unit beat jacking that went on for years, no song was safe from getting the treatment with new hooks and all the buzz minus the original artist.

DJ Smallz “Fifty’s Finest v.1” $10
DJ Smallz “Fifty’s Finest v.2” $10

I’m sure somewhere you can find these online free of charge, i couldn’t locate them however to link. YouTube will have every individual track as well.

Over Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” is “The Kid is Back”

One shot is not enough, you need least a uzi to move me,
after four bottles of don the kid start feelin’ woozy,
I write my life, you write what you seen in gangsta movies

Over Eminem’s “Soldier” is “G-Unit Soldier”

when I pull out the thing, you better break yourself,
or win a trip to ICU, and you could take yourself,
if you lucky, motherfucker I’m a soldier I told you

“Bad News” is one of many tracks that showcase Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks as viable young artists, one of G-Unit’s best early tracks.

I’m just a player, that found out what the coaches know
So I’mma be around longer than the Oprah show
You & ya man yall both should know, all it takes is a finger to send you where the ghosts go
I been hated since the fifth grade,
that’s why my best friend is a trey-pound, an icepick and a switchblade
” – Lloyd Banks

And the tenth rule, don’t put a tag on a broken heart,
just put a toe tag on your mark
” – Tony Yayo

You put pressure on me, when you compare me to ‘Pac,
I’m just a new kid, I can’t help it I’m hot
” – 50 Cent


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