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Welcome To Our House available 08/28

Since one of my favorite groups, Slaughterhouse is releasing their follow up album this week, I thought I’d post a few tracks – some old, some new and some not officially dropped just in case anyone is not acquainted yet. You’ve probably heard they’re signed to Shady Records, but they’ve been making great, lyrical music for a few years together and many more independantly of one another. Joe Budden started the group a few years ago, with Joell Ortiz, Crooked I & Royce Da 5’9″.

Make sure and get that “Welcome To Our House” album on 08/28/2012!

Off their first album, Slaughterhouse (Bonus Track Version) here is “Lyrical Murderers.” K-Young on the hook kinds of completes this whole track, I’ve yet to hear a wack hook from him & this one is very ominous to the subject matter.

Lyrical murderer, blame Rakim
I’m a sniper shootin my way into your lame top 10
Pistol at your head if I ain’t next to Eminem
Then I bust in your face like I’m fuckin Lil’ Kim
Niggaz better pray to the lyrical lord
that I fall off like the umbilical cord before I fill up the morgue
This is how a killer record
with the double-edged triple syllable sword, I’m iller than all
Dineri, see I’m a literary genius
Bury niggaz with words, a cemetery linguist
Most rappers are comedy gold
They like they boyfriend’s sodomy hole – they full of SHIT!
” – Crooked I

Now you could walk through the shadow of death next to that shady street
Where the verbal cocaine business and 80’s meet
Where them niggaz is backwards
I’m ridin with my daughter in the front with the A.K. in the baby seat
We them copycat killers, unleashin venom
Commit them lyrical murders and then we re-commit ’em
Lyrics be high quality
Bitches be givin me brain, my dick be deep in they heads like psychology
Independently pennin the best words that were ever said
The mixture of Leatherhead and Everclear
You can’t hide, we everywhere
Now, picture a grizzly standin next to a teddy bear
” – Royce Da 5’9″

Hello hip-hop, I am here, you dyin yeah and I’m aware
A beast so at your wake I’ll cry lion’s tears
And that’s no disrespect to the pioneers
If we ain’t who you tryin to hear
Somethin either wrong with your eyes and ears
I came in this game screamin Jers’
Ain’t an MC in our lane to try and merge
Try and run with our wave
But I’m cool with bein Eddie Levert seein my son on stage
Gun gon’ blaze, act up in this joint
And I’ma be Nate Robinson and back up the point
Your run’s over, run with us or get run over
I’m here to save this shit, and I brung soldiers
” – Joe Budden

This is lyrical murder
Me and every track have a physical merger
When I stab it in the chest I’ma bit of a curver
So it bleeds to death, like the middle of a unfinished burger
Or sometimes I wrap my hand around his throat
Cause he think his kick is slick or his little snare is dope
Shoot the bass in the face but sometimes I carry a rope
to hang the piano keys when they hittin every note
I’m what no beat’s able to withstand
If you suffer from writer’s block and your label got big plans
Listen to this fam
Slide a little dough out that budget, and hire the instrumental hitman
” – Joell Ortiz

From their new DJ Drama assisted mixtape, called On The House – this is one of my favorite tracks “.” K-Young contributes another good hook here, and I like the way the beat builds up and crashes before each artist starts their verse in particular – like the track is over and then running again.

Talkin’ to myself, I tell me “Crooked is real as this”
Life is a bitch and death wanna steal a kiss
Slap you when you’re born, when you’re gone they feel your wrist
To see if your pulse still exist
Living in the belly, of the beast is a real abyss
Walk in a straight line is what you entertain
Then you slang to pay your bills, that‘s your ying and yang
The daily challenge to find balance within your brain
There’s something else, living inside your heart other than your pain
I look at life as a lesson
For me to change is like a Rolex for a gift
No better time than the present
If not, I’ma be smokin’ chronic
Drinkin’ on vodka till I choke on my own vomit cause life’s a broken promise
” – Crooked I

When that Slaughterhouse album comin’? What’s the ETA?
Where that good music at? Where that beat from ‘Ye?
Is Crooked and Yaowa only in that group to keep
From being in the streets to distribute yay?
Is Royce and Marshall ‘bout to link and go their secret way?
Is Joe gonna start a show with all his hoes,
Like he the protégé of Stevie J for easy pay?
Before y’all become a memory
Would y’all please do a song with Kendrick, Young Money, and MMG?
These questions and suggestions they hard to maintain
When you fuck with Flex but you worry what Charlemagne think?
Cause you from the D and don’t get no radio play in ya own home
Long as y’all playing Sean I’m good, I’m grown
Nigga I’m gone”
” – Royce Da 5’9″

Them shots fly in my hood and
Sometimes it’ll force a guy to say bye bye to a good one
Dust some slacks from in the back of that closet and button up
Don’t crumble up, when you approaching his mother that hug is tough
It’ll make you asthmatic, some can’t hack it but look at me
I wear my hat backwards and rap fantastic cuz I’m a G” – Joell Ortiz

Now after chivalry we was rebels and exciting as before
Or Maybe the fact I’ve been solo so long
It’s kinda spoilt me or when I’m annoyed and try to avoid
Becoming a victim of loyalty
We was so cuttin’ edge
My address is this fucking ledge” – Joe Budden

The official video off the first album, for “Microphone.” This video features a glass booth they are laying verses in, and a bank robbery kind of scenario going on. I don’t watch a whole lot of videos but it’s a good one.

Too many Indians and no chiefs
I pull out the pistol when I promote peace
I’m the blueprint – I have your clothes
lookin like they was designed by bullet holes and shoe prints
When I bless a joint – it’s like Spock
came up in the spot and grabbed the beat by the pressure point
I got the Vulcan touch
I tell my bitch I’ma, give up drinkin when she give her emotions up
Too many enemies and no killers
Too many that hate snitchin but know squealers
” – Royce Da 5’9″

Too many in this industry I need to rob
And if eatin niggaz made you obese, I be The Blob!
Fuck props, nigga this a different conquest
Listen this hear me spittin think it’s a pissing contest
I’m in it for power, if cowards try to stop me
they better off usin a fishin pole to reel in the Lock Ness
” – Crooked I

Now I’m havin a whale of a good time, I’m a +Free Willy+
Y’all lip singers take a pic, click, cheese really
Fans, who their man, I’m they quick pick easily
None of you kids spit evenly
You body my verse is like a thick bitch leavin me
Ha ha, too many fantasies and no fame
Too many claimin insanity and they so sane
Less than wack Scooby Snack lack flow game
Rappers everything I do be that crack cocaine
Your career is doobie wraps, slap Joe name
In any one of them verses say hello to the hearses
Too many monkey see, monkey doers
I slaughter “pigs” on my “tail” like Punky Brewster
” – Joell Ortiz

Treat old-timers like fags who drop the soap
They mic got Alzheimer’s, forgot that they was dope
Too many dogs, not enough barkin yet
Too many blueprints, not enough architects
Rhyme ain’t started yet, still every bar’s a mess
FUCK record sales or who the machine markets best
I’m the last muh’fucker that y’all should test
I’m the sharp shooter, you the nigga I target next
Too many frontin like y’all that fly
REACH it, cause we set the bar that high
” – Joe Budden

A new single from the group, scheduled to be on their upcoming ‘Welcome To Our House’ album, is “Throw That” featuring Eminem. I just got this track last night and it’s bonkers!

Baby you got some incredible skills
I want brain, You want shoes
true love’s always head over heels
” – Crooked I

I said YO YO!
You got me on a string, I’m hangin like a YO-YO
You string me along and leave me hangin and that’s a NO NO
in my world, cause I’ll throw this dick on you girl
” – Eminem

I’m not sure if “Hammer Dance” will make the album, but it was the first official single released in anticipation of the new album.

Milk crates sittin on the ave
while I’m lookin left to right for them niggaz with the badge
My moms dishes really had crack on ’em
12 twelves and I kept them shits packed for ’em
Yeah they came back for ’em
I could paint it so vivid cause I really lived it
If rap fail I’ll stack bail and show you how to get it!
” – Joell Ortiz

I’m in the club, bottle in hand doin my two-step
While I got my gun in my pants, call it the – Hammer Dance
Uhh, bitches dancin on a nigga
When they feel the gun, I tell ’em we doin the – Hammer Dance
” – Royce Da 5’9″

How would you become me? I don’t do what you cowards do
Flip a thousand pounds of that sour dies’ in an hour dude
I’m out my muh’fuckin mind
Fuck a punchline, salute my muh’fuckin grind
Ditchin Feds on the regular, they tryin +To Catch a Predator+
Not the Chris Hanson type but the Danny Glover kind
I’m a killer, everybody know I’ll body yo’ audio
” – Crooked I

Not a killer at all, I’m just surrounded by ’em
Just a real nigga, straight from my mother’s stomach
Ain’t enough cloth for all of us to be cut from it
Not decided by who toast lead
Cause all of us will be +Angels+ for Pujols bread
Lot of hostility, hollerin is killin me
Screamin over my dead body like it’s not a possibility
On my Jers’ bullshit, never mind me
But if it’s ever problems niggaz know where to find me
” – Joe Budden

“Wack MCs” did not make the first album, I think there was a clearance issue but it’s super dope and features a sampled chorus from KRS-One’s “My Philosophy.”

You just salty, I’m fonder than sodium
Anticipate the shots like Obama at the podium
Me and y’all are nowhere near the same pedigree (nah)
Not in layman’s terms, hypothetically
Metaphorically, lyrically, not especially
Theoretically (I mean) we just different genetically
” – Joe Budden

The Slaughterhouse ain’t no goddamn gang
Show up to the bar where you hang
Shoot at your bottle like, “Hohh, we pop champagne!”
No disrespect to ol’ D’s boy Jimmy
I ain’t Prince Akeem but I will greet you with the sweepers or the +Semmi+’s
” – Royce Da 5’9″

Never lost a fight, I’m like 25-and-O, what!
Except that time in high school but he jetted when I woke up
E’ry time I spit it’s like somebody filled the whole cup
with liquor and just downed it, they hear it wanna throw up
” – Joell Ortiz

From ringtoners to backpackers, I smack rappers
Speak on us and we gon’ be bendin them street corners
to clap actors, after that brrrap, collapse backwards
Shit, that’s when the force roll through
I Malcolm X you pigs, what the pork gon’ do?
I Malcolm X the track, that mean arm-leg-leg-arm-head
Body the beat, the torso too, heh
” – Crooked I


Pandora Hip Hop Playlist :: 08-19-2012

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The first in a new series of posts, dedicated to Pandora’s picks for my life throughout the week (or day!). I’m a Pandora One subscriber (about $36 a year with no ads, more track skipping and better audio quality) because I believe in what they’re doing – and don’t ever mind paying for music.

What you’ll find here, is super dope and sometimes obscure Hip Hop tracks you may not have heard in a while but will surely enjoy.

Mos Def – “Sex, Love & Money” off his The New Danger album.

Killah Priest – “One Step” off the ’98 album Heavy Mental. Produced by True Master.

The Roots – “Star / Pointro” off their fucking classic The Tipping Point album.

Wu Tang Clan – “Bells of War” from Wu-Tang Forever circa ’97.

Brand Nubian – “Probable Cause” from their ’98 album Foundation.

Surreal & The Sound Providers – “Just Gettin’ Started” from their super dope 2006 album True Indeed.

Now Playing :: Reks :: The Wonder Years

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“the things I’ve done for my meal, Thank God I made it through the wonder years”

Produced by Hi Tek, this is one of MANY standout tracks from Reks’ 2011 self-titled album. I recommend picking it up if you’ve still not heard it, or checking it on Spotify at least. He’s got two albums out since then, one with Statik Selektah & another brand new one called Rebelutionary (free stream at HHDX) thats a bit more on the indie side of things with producer Numonics.

How does life take us from them drunkest nights to the heights
Minus plights and minus the cares, can’t forget them wonder years
Years where I wondered where next meal provided
Decided to try my hand again, now we find Reks with Hi-Tek
A gem hidden in the dirt, eternally reflecting, and first
From the worst thirst to throat quenched, make no sense
To convince me I can’t make it there, make it here, make it anywhere
From wonder years, yes I profess I from projects to high-rise rised
All of them doubts defied, now back to cloud nine

New Music :: Beedie :: Robert Marley

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I don’t post up much new music here, but a couple of the blogs I follow posted this and I’m streaming it right now nodding my head – produced by Buckwild, with a *bit* of a Marley influence on the beat, I’m feeling it. This artist, I know nothing about aside from his being from Pittsburgh, and having an EP released in two days (if it’s dope I’ll link it up here too) – but the track is dope so check it out below.

Beedie’s website can be found here for more information in the meantime

Now Playing :: Pharoahe Monch :: W.A.R.

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“It’s not a documentary about global warming
This is lunar explosions, a global warning”

As expected if you’ve followed either of these artists, they linked up on Pharoahe’s 2011 album to create some very militant hip hop on this record. Sadly, Immortal technique only contributes the hook but it’s that very part that sets the tone for the rebel anthem – “We Are Renegades.”

We are renegades, this means W.A.R.
Sixteens bust to break unjust laws
Overthrow regimes in the name of the cause
Renegades, never slaves, this means W.A.R.
One hundred percent uncut raw
Fuck limited freedom, nigga we want more
The machine is corrupted down to the core
Rebel army motherfucker, this mean W.A.R.
” – Immortal Technique

Pharoahe’s anti-establishment views pop up quick on this track, as he goes in on mainstream radio and the forces shunning real hip hop. He has an ability to create a Matrix-like scene in his lyrics, I’ve always appreciated his attempts (as Immortal Technique’s) to open the eyes of the listener to what’s going on out there, similar to dead prez or Black Thought.

I got a middle finger for mass media, mute the news
cause “When the Gun Draws” received a million views
which gives me the right to break the rules
Say “Fuck radio” if the people can’t pick and choose

My inner visions, mysticism, call me Mr. Wisdom
They wanna turn the globe into a prison
And being sick is better than being dead
cause when you sick and in bed, you’re indebted to meds
Cloned chickens walking around without heads
The food is contaminated, the water got lead in it
Population control, make the babies sick
RFID chips, RU-486
This is a war against consciousness
Controlling your soul, sort of a psychological dictatorship
And we are on the frontline
Guilty as charged if intellect is a crime,

While the American brain remains dead and dormant
My stimuli supplied by my endorphins
The mind’s eye greater than pi and broadband
I break on through to the other side without a doorman

Now Playing :: Kendrick Lamar :: Swimming Pools (Drank)

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“Why you babysittin’ only two or three shots?”

Fresh on iTunes, Kendrick Lamar’s latest single delves into alcoholism, and fitting in through that very method.

I’m not much for buying singles, or really even listening to singles – I’d rather wait out the album and enjoy the whole cohesive experience. To me, THAT is Hip Hop. In our genre, singles have a tendency to suck it up, meddled with by the label decision makers and doctored for catchiness, and radio play – they’re usually terrible in the first place.

It’s safe to ignore those warnings when you’re talking about Kendrick Lamar.

Now I done grew up round some people living their life in bottles
Granddaddy had the golden flask, back stroke every day in Chicago
Some people like the way it feels, some people wanna kill their sorrows
Some people wanna fit in with the popular, that was my problem

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