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“It’s not a documentary about global warming
This is lunar explosions, a global warning”

As expected if you’ve followed either of these artists, they linked up on Pharoahe’s 2011 album to create some very militant hip hop on this record. Sadly, Immortal technique only contributes the hook but it’s that very part that sets the tone for the rebel anthem – “We Are Renegades.”

We are renegades, this means W.A.R.
Sixteens bust to break unjust laws
Overthrow regimes in the name of the cause
Renegades, never slaves, this means W.A.R.
One hundred percent uncut raw
Fuck limited freedom, nigga we want more
The machine is corrupted down to the core
Rebel army motherfucker, this mean W.A.R.
” – Immortal Technique

Pharoahe’s anti-establishment views pop up quick on this track, as he goes in on mainstream radio and the forces shunning real hip hop. He has an ability to create a Matrix-like scene in his lyrics, I’ve always appreciated his attempts (as Immortal Technique’s) to open the eyes of the listener to what’s going on out there, similar to dead prez or Black Thought.

I got a middle finger for mass media, mute the news
cause “When the Gun Draws” received a million views
which gives me the right to break the rules
Say “Fuck radio” if the people can’t pick and choose

My inner visions, mysticism, call me Mr. Wisdom
They wanna turn the globe into a prison
And being sick is better than being dead
cause when you sick and in bed, you’re indebted to meds
Cloned chickens walking around without heads
The food is contaminated, the water got lead in it
Population control, make the babies sick
RFID chips, RU-486
This is a war against consciousness
Controlling your soul, sort of a psychological dictatorship
And we are on the frontline
Guilty as charged if intellect is a crime,

While the American brain remains dead and dormant
My stimuli supplied by my endorphins
The mind’s eye greater than pi and broadband
I break on through to the other side without a doorman


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