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08-11-2012 § Leave a comment

“the things I’ve done for my meal, Thank God I made it through the wonder years”

Produced by Hi Tek, this is one of MANY standout tracks from Reks’ 2011 self-titled album. I recommend picking it up if you’ve still not heard it, or checking it on Spotify at least. He’s got two albums out since then, one with Statik Selektah & another brand new one called Rebelutionary (free stream at HHDX) thats a bit more on the indie side of things with producer Numonics.

How does life take us from them drunkest nights to the heights
Minus plights and minus the cares, can’t forget them wonder years
Years where I wondered where next meal provided
Decided to try my hand again, now we find Reks with Hi-Tek
A gem hidden in the dirt, eternally reflecting, and first
From the worst thirst to throat quenched, make no sense
To convince me I can’t make it there, make it here, make it anywhere
From wonder years, yes I profess I from projects to high-rise rised
All of them doubts defied, now back to cloud nine


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