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Wyclef Jean’s new track “Hip Hop” dropped on iTunes last week

A new and pretty dope track called “Hip Hop” from Wyclef – the tagged version is below from YouTube, but the track can be bought on iTunes now for 99c.


Sample-isms :: Nas vs Mos Def :: “No Idea’s Original” vs “Grown Man Business”

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This is kind of an interesting take on the same beat, from the same producer – The Alchemist. The original track, from Barry White is called “I’m gonna love you just a little more, Baby” but this is an interpretation of the same instrumental from Cecil Holmes The Soulful Sounds.

OG Barry White record (1973);

Re-interpretation by Cecil Holmes (1973);

Nas Version “No Idea’s Original”;

Released as part of Nas’ “Lost Tapes” compilation, made of tracks recorded from 1998-2001 intended for either the “I Am…” or “Nastradamus” albums. Critically acclaimed, and one of my favorite Nas projects – you have to wonder if these tracks had made the original cut maybe he’d never been accused of “falling off” by Jay Z. Anyway, this track is pretty dope, and features Nas going on about subjects such as materialism, hood life, and staying on top of his game.

It’s worth mentioning Nas mentions Mathematics, just on one line and moves on – whereas Mos def turns it into a focus of his verse.

Witness, the horrific, the stench’ll make you nauseous
See what I seen every day I live with this torture
Lightin spliffs up to stay high like 24 hours
Sleep with my heat, wash with my gun in the shower
My tongue is power, it thrills women, kills demons

Your part of the world, might be like colors and gangs
While on my side, brothers’ll murder for different things
But it all revolve around drugs, fame and shorties
Stuck for your bling, stripped for your chain, the same story

Genesis is deep, my features are that of a God
It’s not a facade it’s a fact, these rappers wanna be Nas
My Exodus doesn’t exist
I’ll never leave the streets, it’s all in my mind
Even with sleep I’m duckin nines in my dreams

**BONUS** Nas Original version of this track actually has a different beat & a different intro;

Mos Def Version “Grown Man Business”;

“The New Danger” was Mos Def’s second album, and a completely different sound from his classic “Black on Both Sides” – in that it featured rock sounds rather than just hip hop beats, supplied by his band at the time, Black Jack Johnson. I actually enjoyed the album aside from a few tracks, and some of my favorite work he’s done can be found on this album. This one dropped in 2004, two years after Nas’ “Lost Tapes” came out – and Alchemist is credited here according to wikipedia (although I swore Minnesota produced this beat actually). Mos’ verse begins around 1:40 mark. He actually covers some of the same topics, although having less time on the mic limits the amount of bars Mos contributes to the sampled beat.

Ima show you where the pain and the poetry is
Ghetto young’ns spend a lot of time alone in the crib
BET on the screen, walls and posters of BIG

Searching for the truth leaping through the holy tablet
The bible, the Quran, or the ten crack commandments
Speak on it God, What’s today’s mathematics
The five day forecast, the Dow Jones average
The price of beer, cigarettes, bread, milk and pampers

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