Some Dope New music from Jakarta Records (Blu, Blitz The Ambassador, Dynasty, Skyzoo, Shuko, JR&PH7)

09-17-2013 § Leave a comment

I’m familiar with a few of these artists, but wasn’t with the label itself. Out of Germany, they just released Blitz The Ambassador’s free-to-download Warm Up EP in August. His 2009 album Stereotype was one of the biggest surprises that year for me, in terms of underground releases I didn’t see coming.

In October Jakarta Records are dropping Dynasty’s album A Star In Life’s Clothing, and based of the three all-fucking-fire singles released so far it will definitely be a recommended listen from me.

Other underground favorites like Blu, and producer Shuko are listed as being on the roster although Blu only has collaborations on their site so far (check for a few of those below too). One of my favorite production teams, JR&PH7 are also affiliated with the label and I definitely suggest checking them out.

Listen first, to these dope records from the last year I found scouring Bandcamp & then follow up on their site.


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