I’m just happy to be here …

I have a knack, or you could call it a need – to have a constantly flowing amount of music in my headphones or woofers. You could say it’s a product of too much time on my hands, or an ever changing love affair with the genre but I’m into hip-hop music at it’s finest.

My Pandora station consists of lots of The Roots, Little Brother, Dead Prez and (insert artists here). I don’t listen to instrumentals, my favorite current solo artist is Blu and it feels like I have a constant playlist queuing in my brain throughout the day – which would be a shame to keep to myself.

I first fell in love with hip-hop music in ’96, so it’s been around for me more than half my life. I grew up in a military family mostly overseas, but have lived in the pacific northwest and outside DC more recently – before being out on my own in rural Arkansas.

Like most things in my life, it’s hard to classify my blended taste in hip-hop styles so I won’t try.

This will be my ‘creative outlet’ for something I’m passionate about, an attempt to explain, spread and maintain. Here goes …


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