Skyzoo & Torae :: Barrel Brothers Mixtape by E-Holla

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DJ E-Holla presents “Pre-Loaded” Barrel Brothers

With the Barrel Brothers album coming soon, this Tuesday to be exact – this may help serve as a precursor to what is shaping up to be a CLASSIC NY Hip Hop release. I’m real excited about this album, I’ve been a fan of Skyzoo for a while now and usually grab everything he drops on release date – and Torae is no slouch just not in my element all the time. This one won’t disappoint! Check out the mixtape, and a few streams from the upcoming album (iTunes)below


Some Dope New music from Jakarta Records (Blu, Blitz The Ambassador, Dynasty, Skyzoo, Shuko, JR&PH7)

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I’m familiar with a few of these artists, but wasn’t with the label itself. Out of Germany, they just released Blitz The Ambassador’s free-to-download Warm Up EP in August. His 2009 album Stereotype was one of the biggest surprises that year for me, in terms of underground releases I didn’t see coming.

In October Jakarta Records are dropping Dynasty’s album A Star In Life’s Clothing, and based of the three all-fucking-fire singles released so far it will definitely be a recommended listen from me.

Other underground favorites like Blu, and producer Shuko are listed as being on the roster although Blu only has collaborations on their site so far (check for a few of those below too). One of my favorite production teams, JR&PH7 are also affiliated with the label and I definitely suggest checking them out.

Listen first, to these dope records from the last year I found scouring Bandcamp & then follow up on their site.

New Music :: Skewby ‘Wishful Thinking’ & Nickelus F ‘PTPT’

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Happy 40th Birthday Hip Hop!

A day late posting this, and a few days after Hip Hop celebrates it’s unofficial 40th Birthday (without a lot of releases, actually) – I think these two tapes would serve as a good present to the fans. I’ve been looking forward to both projects for a while, but haven’t heard much off them just yet. I’m streaming a few tracks while I type this, but won’t really get a chance to digest them until tomorrow.

First up, Memphis’ own Skewby drops an eight track EP / Mixtape, I’m not sure what he’s calling it but fans are awaiting this as the follow-up to his “More or Less” album in 2011, although he released an EP last year as well titled “Humble Pie.” Stream the project below, or download it on Bandcamp. You can also sign up for Skewby’s email list on his site and get pretty dope emails a few times a year from him, a very personal touch and certainly always humble.

Next, The always-reliable Nickelus F (or Sweet Petey, if he’s still going by that alias?) drops his #PTPT project. Featuring familiar production from both Michael Millions and Ohbliv, plus a few tracks done by the artist himself. He churns out music pretty quickly, already dropping ‘Vices‘ earlier this year and even joking (I guess?) on Twitter today about dropping another tape in the aftermath of Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse getting everyone talking. There is a small wait at Live Mixtapes to download the tape, but it is free. Stream a few tracks below, and check out my other posts on Nickelus F.

New Music :: ScienZe :: Ella [Free EP]

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After the super dope (& free!) album Divine ScienZe (with King I Divine), I felt the need to post up this new project from ScienZe called Ella: The Prologue. It’s free, so you should already be downloading off the strength of my recommendation and features guest spots from Blu, King I Divine and Lord Quest. Just real good, and coincidentally free Hip Hop to start your week right!


Album Review :: Mally & the Sundance Kid :: The Last Great …

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I tend to download a lot of albums, and mixtapes – and they sit forever in iTunes until I either delete them after a quick listen for lack of staying power or really, really love them from the jump. This album is one of the latter. I listened today, about a year after release to the latest from Minneapolis representative Mally (produced entirely by The Sundance Kid), and it was really a great album. I don’t mean great because it was free, but really just a great Hip Hop album.

From the intro tracks, it becomes apparent that it’s produced, mixed and mastered well – the beats are really well crafted and flow nicely throughout from one track to the next. The first real standout track is number three, “Shine.” The beat hits you, and once Mally starts rhyming I started wondering how I hadn’t heard this before. It’s just one of those quick chopping beats that tends to hit hard and I really got into it. The flow is perfection and rhymes lay perfectly where they should land here.

I live in Hip Hop, I’m try’na put my name on the house / Who flex better, than the 13th letter?

Once he had my attention, the rest of the album picks right up and carries on with thoughtful introspective lyrics, smooth instrumentals and lots of wonder about where Mally is headed in his career.

There is a nice feature from the always-focused Brother Ali on “Unplugged”, and the whole album really has an authentic feel of familiarity. Not that it’s just another same sounding record, but that it feels like you’re listening to something much older, and more played through than what was a new album for me today. I really suggest giving it a listen!

Life’s a bitch with a lovely face, so watch this kid procreate …” – from Bounce

You can check the whole album out on Bandcamp and his other catalog too. If you feel so inclined to purcahse the record, it’s available in CD format at Fifth Element, and of course iTunes.

New Mixtapes :: Ecko “Underground Airplay” & Harry Fraud “Adrift”

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Underground Airplay

Check out these two new should-be-good-but-haven’t-listened-yet mixtapes, free for your listening pleasure.

First, “Underground Airplay” is presented by Ecko Unltd, probably my favorite clothing line over the last decade and a half & features artists such as Smoke DZa and Big K.R.I.T. plus mostly a lot of unsigned talent too. It’s not a bad thing, Ecko has always been dedicated to the culture and wouldn’t put out something without making sure it’s nice. This mixtape is up on Live Mixtapes website (click the title for link).

Adrift, from produer Harry Fraud

The second, from producer Harry Fruad features notable music and unreleased cuts. Harry Fruad has been busy over the last few years as a relative newcomer but working with everyone from Action Bronson, Curren$y, Smoke DZa, Mac Miller and more. Check out “Adrift” from DatPiff.

Mixtape / Album :: Nickelus F aka “Sweet Petey” :: Vices

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“Vices,” the new mixtape project from Nickelus F

Done as a “Thank You” to his longtime fans, ‘Vices‘ dropped a few weeks ago and it’s been getting pretty heavy rotation from me ever since. The project is also available for retail on iTunes if you want to support the artist (I suggest doing so!)

Drake makes a feature appearance, but only on the mixtape version and after working together much previously in their careers it’s a welcome sight to see the two back on one track. Drake is definitely an artist who hasn’t pulled his underground collaborators up with him (other than his producer) as he has certainly risen to the near top of Hip Hop over the last few years. I’ve been waiting for a Little Brother collaboration, J. Cole and Nickelus F too on a Drake album – why not share the spotlight with some of the artist that got you there?

Nickelus F, who has seemed to change identities into “Sweet Petey” as well as changing to a blunt-thrashed voice over the years has always put out great music be it mixtapes, or individual tracks to the masses. I’ve done one or two posts over the last year regarding his recent studio album “Faces” available on Faces, and some other projects spin-worthy. Check that post out here.

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